About The Tension Pen

        Surface tension test pens were introduced to give an accurate measurement of graduated surface tension levels. The fluid is applied to the surface or substrate until a satisfactory dyne level is found.

        Test Method

        Experience has shown that wetting is normally adequate when a continuous film of test fluid remains intact for 2 seconds. Breaking of the fluid into droplets in less than 2 seconds indicates a lack of wetting and a lower numbered test fluid should be tried. If the fluid remains intact for longer than 2 seconds, a higher numbered test fluid should be tried. 

        A clean, new cotton applicator should be used each time to avoid contamination of the solutions ensure the film surface is not touched or contaminated in the areas in which the tests are to be made.

        Application Range



        The test inks should not be used or stored at temperatures above 25oC or below freezing, to prevent inaccurate dyne level readings.

        The bottled inks should not be exposed to direct light. Therefore keep them in their original box with the lid closed when not in use. Also, repeated exposure to air of the bottled inks, will alter the dyne levels. Properly sealed bottles prevent this occurring.

        Avoid any skin contact especially the eyes with the test solutions. If contact occurs wash immediately with copious amounts of clean water.

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